Matthew Rappoli is an accomplished composer who has written music for several short films and four feature length independent films.  After receiving his degree in Music Composition from Cleveland State University, he drove across the country to pursue his dream of writing music for film in Los Angeles.  His style ranges from avant-garde to folk music.  With the film “Beautiful Garden”  Matthew took an electronic approach to classical structure.  In “Deceived”  the same could be said with a much darker and suspenseful tone.  “Appleton” was primarily extended techniques with the acoustic guitar.  “The Problem Y” called for a very ambient style of electronic music.   With a background in rock music Matt is also a singer/songwriter and plays ukulele, piano, and guitar.  Through a tireless pursuit for new sounds and musical textures Matthew is bringing an eclectic and original sound into the world of film music.  In a category all his own, we look forward to hearing what this new voice in film music can bring to our beloved medium.


Matthew Rappoli